The year is 2025.

You can easily measure every possible metric about your body. Learn your heart, blood, muscles and even the liver (ok, too early for that). It helps you to get a better insurance or get better chances on that brand new dating app. Your everyday all-day-long patterns give NSA so much information.

What’s the best time to stop drinking coffee? Is this movie really good or really boring? Measure emotional feedback while watching your show, and then Netflix summarizes this and gives you true recommendations. It turns out that tv-show is for girls, but don’t be confused, that’s who you are inside.

Stop worrying about the environment which could break your device. If some conditions are ok for a human being, it’ll good for device too. I like this moment: you go in the shower and suddenly there is only the cold water. Oouch! The heart’s immediate reaction is being measured.

Cold water

Visualization. So that’s the point of this without knowing context?

Screenshot from MIO Go

MIO FUSE has a great battery for an usual mode (a month roughly). You can easily track your heart all night with the high frequency optical sensor.

Screenshot from MIO Go


  • Pretty accurate most of the time;
  • Waterproof. You are just not worried about it;
  • Good battery. 3 weeks as a steps counter or 20 hours with the optical sensor enabled.

  • Not comfortable to wear all day;
  • Poor analytics, it’s nearly impossible to notice patterns, compare progress, etc.;
  • A lot of false measurements above 170+ (MIO FUSE shows it as divided by two);
  • Latency, long cold-start;

TL;DR; It’s specialized device for some sort of trainings. Very unlikely it will make your life better. Let’s wait for 2025.