Why would you want to get rid of the Inevitable?

Well, you may be dissatisfied with lots of things: slow development of the language itself, its module system, an unprecedented amount of hacks it features, or the ambiguity of “idiomatic way to write scalable projects” in JS. Many people don’t like this language simply because it’s just not cool enough.

Programming requires one to have a strong discipline, which basically lays in the external control over the code. In JavaScript all that remains in your hands: IDE support, code style checkers or autoformatters, linters, unit tests, and a lot of code review.

Maybe it’s better to invest your time getting into other languages, contributing into their ecosystems, and things like pipeline precompiling, source mapping, and debugging?

Many developers are ashamed of their technical debt, but starting a pure JavaScript project in 2015 is like taking a loan during a severe financial crisis.

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